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*REVIEW* The Trylle trilogy by Amanda Hocking

Title: Switched, Torn, and Ascend
Author: Amanda Hocking
Series: Trylle Trilogy

Blurb from Goodreads:
When Wendy Everly was six-years-old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. It isn't until eleven years later that Wendy finds out her mother might've been telling the truth. With the help of Finn Holmes, Wendy finds herself in a world she never knew existed - and it's one she's not sure if she wants to be a part of.
My Rating/Thoughts:
What started as a satisfactory read turned into a great, loving and dear series for me. When I read Switched two years ago, I was entertained. I thought it was a nice concept and I enjoyed entering the Förening and engaging with all of the Trylle society. The world was really captivating and I wanted to know more about these people,the Queen, the manskling, the Markis and Marksinna. Now for whatever reason I put this series off for two years. Probably because I was catching up on my other TBR pile of books or just became obsessed with whatever else I was reading at the time. But when I stepped back into the Förening, I was hooked. I read Torn and Ascend both in a day! 
"I will make this world a better place, whether they like it or not. That’s the fun of being Queen."
Now let's talk about the characters. Wendy had become a much more enjoyable  and strong character. In Switched, she was so whiny and annoying that I really didn't connect to her at all. I didn't care that she developed this instalove type crush with Finn and that it wasn't going to work out. She had to do what she had to for her people and accept that she was a much more important person to the Trylle than just being with the one she "loved." Maybe it was because I didn't care for Finn or didn't connect with Wendy, but I wasn't heartbroken that she would lose him. I just didn't care.Nonetheless I don't know why Wendy didn't think to just own her position as queen and override the rules and prejudices about royalty and Trackers being together is beyond me! That seemed like the more obvious solution, but hey I guess we needed more conflict or maybe Wendy is just that oblivious. *shrugs* But I did really enjoy Wendy in later books. She showed great character development. I loved that she stepped up and took over the role of acting queen for her mother. I was also happy that we finally got to see more of Queen Elora and the story of Wendy's birth. Elora wasn't just this cold-hearted woman that we all thought she was. She truly did love Wendy and just wanted to protect her. I only wish we could have had more time to see them together! 

“I know you’ll be a good Queen, a strong, noble leader, and that’s more than
these people deserve,” she said. “But don’t give too much. You need to keep some
of yourself for you. And listen to your heart.”

Now let's talk about one of my absolute favorite characters, Loki Staad. Loki, Loki, Loki, where do I even begin with this beautiful, charming, sarcastic, cocky, wonderful guy? *sigh* He is just wonderful. I don't think I've enjoyed a character more in this series as I did him. Every scene with him was great. He brought giggles and swoons every time he appeared on the page. He had some of the best lines in the series that always just made me laugh and say "Oh, Loki"
“Everything’s not exactly the way it seems ” I said. 
“It seemed like you had your tongue down his throat ” Finn glared at us both. 
“Well then everything is exactly as it seems” Loki said glibly.” 
 Loki was such a complex character. Underneath his cocky attitude, jokes, and sarcastic nature, you saw true depth. He gave up everything to protect Wendy. He put his life on the line to secure her safety. He defied orders to make sure she was safe and never forced her into doing anything she didn't want to do. Even if the evil, Vittra King would have killed him if he didn't succeed. I think that's what truly won me over to his side.  Whereas Wendy felt conflicted about her position and status or following orders, Loki proved that she was more important. He'd do whatever it took for her. I think that's what made him win in the end as well. 
"Everything I went through. For you. It was worth it."
Finn on the other hand...well he made me so angry! He and Wendy could have had a great relationship if he had shown any effort at all! He didn't fight for Wendy. He didn't stand up for himself. All he did was stand aside and let whatever fly by and take his chance at happiness with her. She tried countless times to try to fix what they had (if they actually had anything to begin with) but he wouldn't have it. Now I know there are those that liked Wendy and Finn together better and I mean no harm but I just think he was all wrong for her. He would always see himself as a Tracker and value his position. He would protect her life at all costs, but that's where their relationship would always end. I wished he would have fought to be with her no matter his status, but he didn't. On the eve of her Wedding to Tove. Finn knew he would never have her and instead of just telling her "hey don't do this. I love you and want to be the one you're with. let's make this work." No. He would rather her be in a friendship marriage with a gay guy! A gay guy who wouldn't give her the love that she deserves, but hey as long as she's with him it's fine because I can trust him. Because damn if I'll ever see her with someone who might actually make her happy.
"Tomorrow you will belong to someone else. But tonight, you're with me." UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH *rolles eyes*

Speaking of Tove....how cute was he? I just loved him so much. He was a great friend to Wendy and even a great husband. He helped her get control and strengthen her powers. He helped make her the powerful Trylle she became and I loved their friendship. He looked out for her. He was her partner and always supported her no matter what. He wanted what made her happy and did whatever she felt she needed to do. He would also defy laws and orders to make sure she was happy or simply to just do the right thing. I think that's what baffled Wendy the most. Tove would defy orders for her sake, and Loki, but Finn wouldn't. I just think it's so great that Hocking made Tove gay. I thought this was a nice touch and it make me love him even more. 

Now The Vittra King. What a load of jerk with a side of doucheface. I hated him. I hated who he actually was and how he just wanted to use Wendy. He was just terrible and I am so glad for his ending and that Wendy got her chance at him! Because this man just really needed to get out of here!
Overall, I really, really, really  enjoyed this series. The first book was okay, but I loved the last two. We got to see more of the Vittra and their hobgoblins and what exactly they wanted Wendy for or why their kingdom was crumbling. However, I did think that the ending to Ascend happened kind of quickly and I would have loved to see the other battles that happened outside of what we saw, but I understood why we didn't. Wendy didn't see it, so we didn't either. All in all I really loved this series. I enjoyed reading about the troubles going on in the Trylle community, learning about their powers and taking a look into the prejudices between the Markis/Marksinna and trackers or mansklig. But those prejudices have got to go! (Let's start with Aurora! That woman needs to get her priorities in order).  I love Amanda Hocking and the worlds she brings. I have read her self-published series My Blood Approves and I look forward to reading more of her novels.
Happy reading!

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